Student as a Professional

marco polo cebu stairs

Dreams and aspirations may be achieved if one strives to get his or her goal in life. I have lots of dreams and wants in life and I am doing the few first steps to turn all these dreams into a reality.

Being a student of Philippine Women’s College has enabled me to widen my horizon and perspective in life and slowly fulfill all the steps that I have to take on, to be able to reach all this aspirations and goals.

In PWC I’ve met lots of friends; get to mingle with the who’s who in the society and along the way develop self-awareness and the essence of responsibility in the community.

Joining the PWC College Journal for one, have enhanced my time management skills and my innate talent in the arts and computer graphics. My stint as Photo and Graphic Design Editor is such a delight and I just love doing this type of job. Being a part of the said school paper has paved the way for me to be able to reach out to others. Being able to inform and give entertainment to the whole student population is such great privilege and indeed a great achievement in itself. In the daily course of activities that I do, I know that in my own little way, I have touched someone else’s life.

Being tasked as a leader in one of the biggest organizations in the school is one challenge that have closely helped me envision my future and take hold of the dreams and aspirations that I have long been keeping in my heart and mind. As president of the PWC Travel Society I have been able to take hold of various responsibilities and make sound and sensible decisions every time. I have to speak for the truth and what is right. As a leader, I embody the sentiment and dilemma of the whole studentry, especially those who are part of the silent majority. I have indeed implemented rules and laws as president of the club and made sure that all of this is properly adhered to by all the members. But as I exercise all this regulations, I always make sure that I never abuse my position nor use it for my own sake. I know that doing all this would ensure the smooth-sailing attainment of all my goals in life.

As a bonafide student and one of the current student leaders of this institution, I always see to it that I have live up to every single expectation of my teachers and classmates. To do the best in every endeavor that I undertake, showcase my abilities and skills and be the best student that I can be.

These are just some of the few steps that I try to properly do every day to attain all of my dreams and aspirations in the near future.


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