My Ideal Resort

astoria boracay pool shot

I went to Astoria Boracay beach Resort last summer; I found very fantastic views. My stay had been nice and comfortable. The service was great; hospitable staff, exquisite food, eminent venue. It’s a really friendly resort—ideal for excursionists. Astoria Boracay is the haven where body, mind, and spirit are refreshed.

If you are an extrovert, outdoor activities like swimming, scuba diving, beach combing, and snorkeling will definitely set your mood under the sun. The strategic location of the resort is perfect for parents who travel with their kids. The resort rests on the shoreline of the island’s Station 1; the travel is hustle-free.

There’s also a plethora of nice views where one can have their kodak moments, the landscaped garden is perfect for picture-taking. When it comes to price, the food at White Café bar was worthy of its price, plus, the waitress was very friendly and accommodating.

While at dinner, the entertainment was quite impressive—the acoustic band played opm and others.

To wrap it up, Astoria Boracay is the best resort I have been to. The diverse pleasures of the island are found right there on the resort.


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