Learning the way Japanese do

Royal Brunie

Why can’t we Filipinos learn the way Japanese do?  Certainly, we have enough resources and ways to acquire knowledge. We do have institutions like churches and school to back us up in learning skills. We also have great peoples, leaders, teachers and the like for us to look up to. But then again, why are left behind in the race in terms of politics, education and most noticeably in terms of our anew economy.

It may too early for me to conclude at this point, but simple logic would definitely convince me to say so and why can’t we? Simply because of us, we people. We are not willing, we don’t cooperate and we hardly follow.

First unlike Japanese, we are not willing for improvement. We this very same problem, I believe, is the ultimate basis of our late president Ninoy Aquino for his well known quotation “ Don’t as what our country can do for you. Instead, ask yourself what you can do to our country”. Indeed, we Filipinos are not easily satisfied. We ask, we want everything to be spoon fed. Secondly, we don’t cooperate, what we want to happen, we take action but our usual actions resulted in things we don’t to happen, no wonder Japanese are far better than us. And lastly, we hardly follow. The reason why we can’t is because we are so occupied doing unnecessary thing. We are busy barking other people especially our leaders to do something for our own benefit instead of taking the actions by ourselves. The result? We have poor system, insufficient knowledge and fluctuating economy. And the truth is we really can’t learn the way Japanese do.


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