My Childhood Days


My mother meets my father and fined her very aggressive and they married immediately, sometimes my mom will get jealous and they will always ends up fighting. When she conceived me she’s still into smoking and even attempted to have an abortion, I am therefore and unwanted child. During my infancy I was having difficulty in my breathing and there was even a time that I have stop breathing and was given mouth to mouth and has fifty-fifty chances to survive. I am told that I’m a quite baby; they don’t find me a crying baby.

I was very sickly during my childhood, but during those times I am provided with all my needs. My father took care of me for my mom always on travel, they sometimes have pity quarrels and there are times when I am left alone in the care of my aunts and cousins. My moms have rituals for me to sleep she would caress my hair and I developed the habit of tickling my feet with the mosquito net.

But my mom started to become protected of me on my late childhood. I must obey the rules, a lot of do’s and don’ts to be followed. I am not allowed to have fun nor to have friends and mingle with our neighbors. I felt like a prisoner, yet I was trained with the household chores and how to be responsible especially with my siblings. During this times I am growing up with my mother’s care for my dad works abroad , and mostly I have adopted my mother’s ways when I entered puberty, I learned to follow my house to school and school to house routine. My mother becomes very protective of me. I played the part of being a brother and a father to my siblings at the same time puberty is the self discovery time for me.

At my adolescence stage, I am left alone to take charge of my siblings and decide on things, for my mom left for manila to prove if my father has another woman. I learned the art of decision making, I even came to appoint of having my siblings in the care of our Aunt, to separate them from, for they become the center of my attention and I could no longer concentrate and focus on my studies. It is then confirmed that my father has another woman and my mother decide to come home, she even become more protective. I advice her on our family problems and even in financial matters. And now I earned friends and felt loved by them. We bonded a lot and especially when my high school graduation approaching.

Now I am in my young adulthood, I learned how to be independent. I am now living alone, though at times I get discourage, but my friends pushes me through. College has a lot of trials, but I face each day with bravery. I showed my father that I have not wronged in choosing my friends than to be with his sides, like my siblings, for they are now on his care. At this point of my life I have widened my horizon, I met different people from different walks of life. I now know how to socialize and mingled with others, even though there are times that I have my ups and down but I found comfort with my friends and they’ve proven me that they are friend indeed. I strive to pursue and my dream to graduate for me to be able to unite my mother and my siblings, so they wont have to go through what I have gone through. I find solace of being alone, yet something is really missing …


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